Monopoly INT

Monopoly INT 5.34

Challenge your friends to a virtual game of Monopoly

Monopoly INT is a computer game designed after the popular board game Monopoly, for two or more players. View full description


  • Multiple player mode
  • Directions included
  • Personalize the names of each game player


  • Directions are difficult to understand
  • No play-against-the-computer mode
  • Graphics look like basic clip art

Not bad

Monopoly INT is a computer game designed after the popular board game Monopoly, for two or more players.

Monopoly's a wonderful board game. It combines accounting and real estate principles with the competitive nature of a classic board game. In this version of the game, the INT in Monopoly INT presumably stands for "international," as the different place markers on the virtual board game are different countries. You can choose to play with anywhere between two and six players and name their accounts accordingly.

Starting the game isn't a problem. Much like the traditional game, you roll the dice to see where to place your player. Monopoly INT only starts to get confusing when you actually land on a country and want to purchase property on it. While Monopoly INT does have rules that come with the game, it is clear the developer's first language is not English. The directions are accordingly difficult to understand in some areas.

In order to actually purchase property in Monopoly INT, you need to click on the country's flag on the game board, then on your playing piece's marker, and then again on the country's flag. It's meticulous and confusing to figure out. On top of that, the board is also a little difficult to read. True to the interface of the actual board game, Monopoly INT's board surface is shaped like a square and consequently has the names of the countries at the top of the board written upside down. While this might work fine for an actual game board, it just makes things more difficult to read on the computer. In addition, there's no option to play against the computer or with another player remotely online, greatly reducing Monopoly INT's usability.

Monopoly INT is an entirely average game that only really works if you have a friend to play with offline.

Monopoly INT


Monopoly INT 5.34